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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Love Story - The Squirrel, A Cat, and Me

I am not sure where my delusion all began but I am in love with squirrels.  Their cute little pudgy body is just screaming to me "Hug Me."  It doesn't start here but it definitely was a pivotal point in my crazy squirrel affair. 
Sweet little squirrels found in ETSY Shop Val World at

On my last trip to the Midwest we spent time in a remote hilly forest that was actually a tough course of disc golf.  While waiting for my son to finish a hole I kept hearing a strange sound.  It sounded almost like someone plucking a rubber band but more scratchy.  I investigated and found the noise to be coming from a tree.  I looked closer and became excited when I discovered the sound came from the plumpest little squirrel chewing on a nut.  He was in the branch slightly above my reach he was so intent on his project that he didn’t seem to notice me; at first.  With camera in hand I approached slowly.  His head lifted slightly to watch me while continuing to chew on his nut.

I inched closer taking a picture and closer taking another.  I was thinking all the while about how sweet he looked and how I would love to scoop him up and cuddle him.  But having been raised in the country I knew not to, but oh how tempting...  I continued to inch forward, the squirrel stopped and then continued to gnaw at the nut keeping a good eye on me.  At this point I had convinced myself that maybe I could get closer even yet, right below the branch.  He is so sweet... so cute...until…

He sprung up squeaking, nut still in his mouth, tiny little hands stretched out in anger for my disturbing his peace.  Of course that didn't stop me yet.  I continued to take pictures up close and personal like a deranged paparazzi.  I’m snapping photos faster and faster as the squirrel is becoming angrier and angrier.  Then he jumped to the main trunk of the tree and stuck his upper body out as if to lunge.

At this point the temptation faded and images of cuddling a squirrel left, replaced by images from Chevy Case's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  I envisioned the squirrel leaping from the tree to my chest in one swift motion and I decided to back off.  I left, his angry squeaks echoing through the forest behind me. 

I have learned, my friends, that I should stick to cats.  They are just as pudgy and soft and they don't bite...Usually.


Gypsea Nurse said...

What a cute post! have a great weekend!

Sheryl Hastings said...

Cute post, cute pictures. Squirrels are so darn cute. How could you now love them?

LittleElf said...

Such a fun story! ^_^ They are cute and pudgy, I wish I could pick one and and stroke his little head all the time, squirrels are just too cute. But cats are awesome too so I do content myself with them. Still think it would be fun to pet a squirrel though. ^_^

SarahBeth said...

Definitely nothing much cuter than a squirrel! I love to watch them in my yard but have never been tempted to cuddle with them! Although there was that one at the zoo that was so used to people feeding him, he'd come right up to you to beg!!

Naomi said...

So cute! I can see why you wanted to cuddle him.

My Inspired Reality said...

Ha, ha, I loved it and could picture you snapping away close to the squirrel:):)

PrairieWindDesigns said...

Very Cute!