Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer Fun - Fireflies, Frogs and Sparklers

Growing up in the Midwest made me appreciate the summers.  I have the best memories of those hot Wisconsin nights when the air would cool to a nice 80 degrees.  The breeze would be light and cool after a scorching summer day and the laziness you felt earlier gave way to a new excited energy.  No school in the morning and with a light afternoon nap we would be ready for a night of country fun.
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In the background, sounds of chirping frogs from the creek in our front yard rang out in the stillness while we hunted for little sparks in the night sky.  We would catch as many fireflies as we could and gently place them in an old mason jar that had a warm nest waiting for them made from handfuls of freshly plucked grass.  These amazing living lights were out around the end of June which meant we would also have little sparklers to light too.
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With our flickering jars we would sit on the benches in our yard waiting for a turn at having our sparklers lit.  When I was young they only had the metal wands with one color but that was enough to light our imaginations.  At that age the night was exciting and full of mystery just because we never were out that late during the school year.  We often found ourselves cooped up through the winter months not daring to brave the cold winds.

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In the Midwest country side the night air was filled with the scent of beautiful evening primrose and strange sounds emanating from the woods.  I felt so daring to be outside that late and the cool air on my skin was so freeing.  Months of heavy layers and thick coats having been shed I ran lighter than air with a sparkling trail behind me.  While serenaded by the friendly frogs and greeted with salutations from the blinking fireflies in the jar.  Even now when the summer temperature is just right I get a brief prickle of excitement as I remember those wonderful summer nights.
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