Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodbye Country Home...a Bittersweet Farewell

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Photo by Colleen Roush Mount Shasta copyright 2011
Have you ever heard the saying "you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl?"  Well guess what?  Whoever said that wanted their daughter to stay close to home or something.  I grew up country, I love visiting the country, and I am very in tune with the natural world but...I mean a big But!  I am not a country girl.  I find this very interesting since I have always considered myself one.  Growing up we either had a real farm or a hobby farm way out in the country.  But I guess that this last adventure in country life has taught me one thing about myself...I cannot, will not live without a Macy's. 
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OK I know that sounds terribly superficial but I have to come to terms with this in myself.  I love the city life; I don't mind LA or Chicago traffic. Yes, I do get annoyed at times with some of the people but where ever there are city folk there is a mall nearby.  Also, there is something to be said about blending in with the crowd.  So I am very happy to be relocating back to Fresno, CA.  I miss my rock-hounding friends and my Gem and Mineral Club, the Grizzlies Baseball games on the hot summer nights, and the beautiful palm trees with the Sierra Mountains in the background.
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Parker in a show-down

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Parker seems to have taken a liking to my huband
Although I am so grateful to be heading back (a true blessing from God,) I will miss the  beauty that is out here in the true country.  I can honestly say that I lived in the last of the Western Frontier and I have learned a lot about the Northern California history.  I have met many very kind and wonderful people here and will miss them too.   
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He has a vast array of beautiful scenic art from all over CA, you should check his shop.

But I feel like Eva Gabor on Green Acres; luckily for me my husband doesn’t till the land in a three piece suit and he is as ready to move back as I am.
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Now we will be hiking throughout the California wilderness and deserts but going home to the city; for me balance has been restored.
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Hiking Yosemite in the winter
With that all being said there is a sweet gentleness in the country that cannot be found anywhere else.   I have so many cherished memories of my childhood chasing fireflies and watching tad poles; wading in the cold creek and hiking the bluff; and now with this move I can preserve those wonderful little memories and let them stay nostalgic and a whimsical part of my past.

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Dumb Kid #7 said...

WOW! Sounds fun! The best of luck to you!

Della said...

I'm like you in a way. I love the country, but I prefer the luxuries of city life. Have a safe move!

Melinda said...

I love this post, mostly because if you ever tried to transplant me to the city, I would go kicking and screaming (and crying!) the whole way! ;) I think it's very important to find what brings you joy, and if it's the city for you (or Macy's!) then go for it!! I wish you the very best, change is so exciting! :)

Thanks for entering my giveaway and following my blog. I thought I'd return the kindness. :)