Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Friend of A Friend

This morning before I had a chance to have my coffee I met a new friend of a friend.  Apparently on the way to work my coworker crossed paths with a wonderful little creature.  The funny thing was, just like many other Californians, he was an actor. 

"I really don't see the resemblance though"

Stuck in his part he was convinced that he was, indeed, a lobster.  No matter how much I tried to reason with him he insisted and even though I knew that he was a crayfish I finally conceded that yes he did resemble the Red Lobster . 

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He could hold a lovely note and recited a rich Shakespearean poem but alas he was still just a crayfish. 

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After a bit my lovely new friend waved good bye promising to keep in touch.



Sherry Dole said...

I love your blog! You are so wonderfully creative!

J Honda said...

Yes~~!!! just wonderful!!!