Friday, July 29, 2011

Interview With A Quiet Mind ~ Fine Art ~ Jewelry

Nothing feels better than the weight of jewelry made with real gems and minerals; I have an obsession with handcrafted jewelry.  It has an energy about it that can not found in manufactured pieces.   Often I find people admiring my jewelry and wondering where I was able to find such a piece beauty.  I love being original and setting the trends; especial when I know that my jewelry has been handcrafted by a true artist. 

I have had the pleasure to interview Brian Harrison, owner of Quiet Mind, who creates such beautiful pieces of art.  He has graciously offered a 20% off coupon code: BUTTERFLY.  Please stop by Brian's shop and take a look at his exquisit inventory.
Tell me a bit about yourself……
I am a self-representing artist living in Phoenix, AZ. I have been driven to create all my life working with different material and techniques over the years. These days I am making a lot of jewelry. From prayer beads in the Buddhist tradition, a line of Day of the Dead skull and skeleton jewelry and other jewelry from precious and semi precious stones and minerals. I do all my artwork with intention for the benefit of all living beings.
Apart from creating, what do you do?
I love to garden and pond, I have a few 100 gallon pond with koi and goldfish and a jungle like garden on my patio. I have 3 pet birds 2 conures and a lovebird. I love to take road trips into the deserts of AZ finding remote peaceful places to contemplate.

What first made you want to create?
I’ve made stuff all my life, it is an innate desire for me. I don’t know where it first began.

Describe your creative process?
Much of my work is spontaneous and intuitive. Painting, working in mixed media and making jewelry most ideas are spontaneous with a little conscious thought here and there. When I am making a piece I try to flow with the energy.

What handmade possession do you cherish most?
I have some very old hand hammered Tibetan singing bowls, I’d have to say those.

What one piece of information would you like to know from experienced etsy sellers?
How to generate more sales!

How are you promoting your work?
I list some of my work to Etsy and use a lot of social media. I post to Facebook, use Twitter and Flickr, write a blog and have just started using Tumblr. Locally I am a member of a new art cooperative - Indie ArtHouse, and have my Day of the Dead jewelry represented by Galeria de los Muertos in downtown Phoenix.

Where do you want to be in ten years?
Doing what I am doing now. If I can still be making a living off my art work in 10 years I will be very happy!


Cory Aquarian Bath said...

Great earthy feel to all the work. :)

Jennifer said...

You are awesome!! Good luck in all you do!!