Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time Is Relative...I can prove it

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Einstein said that time was relative...yes I do believe it is. Not only is time relative so are weekends and mine has officially been changed from Friday - Saturday to Sunday - Monday.   I am dazed and confused this beautiful morning as I try to sort through my mind what I will be able to do and not do and what is closed and what is open on my precious day off.

To survive my long grueling workdays I plan my weekend.  All week long I dream of what wonderful little resale shops I will visit, which garage sales I will hit and what exciting treasures I will find only to realize on this fine morning that today is not just any day, it is Sunday.   A day, to most, meaning rest, relaxation and of course that their stores are closed. Just because it is my "Saturday" does not mean that it is "Saturday" for the rest of the world. Therefore I conclude that yes Einstein was correct...Time is relative.

While significant to me, I do believe that his theory was much more profound than whether a garage sale was open or not or at what time Micheal's Craft Store opens in the morning.    But he may have been able to prove his theory based on these cold harsh facts.  
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All kidding aside it is a strange sensation to be used to having a certain schedule only to wake up one morning running on a different calendar than the rest of the world.  I wonder...Am I now living in a parallel universe? As I begin my weekend is there another Colleen ending her's right as we speak?
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Have a wonderful Friday...I mean Saturday... Wait no Sunday... Ah nuts!  Who cares, it's all relative anyway.

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