Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling A Little Nostalgic

In most areas of the country the nights are growing cooler and the sun is setting earlier. Here in Sunny California the days are growing shorter but we are still maintaining the steaming heat. I love living in a place where the summers are long and the winter is in the high 50's. While I thoroughly enjoy my long summers and short winters I still find myself feeling nostalgic and sometimes even a little melancholy. I do believe that this is relationship with the amount of daylight these autumn and winter months have to offer. I have learned many tricks to keep my tired mind occupied during these darker days. For one I surround myself with lovely flowers and plants. Another little trick is having every room scented with my favorite aromatherapy and the last I look through my vast collection of postcards dreaming of my future adventures and the places I will visit. Beautiful plants, heavenly smells, postcards of far far away and chocolate...Better than Prozac. In the meantime here are some lovely postcards newly listed and treasury that have featured my beautiful collectibles.
A wonderful 100 year old + novelty postcard heavily embossed Thanksgiving Greetings

Another Antique from 1930's featuring everyone's favorite Tom Turkey.

Early 1900s makes this over 100 years old.  To me that is amazing I love these beautiful cards.

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