Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am back and now a Mother Inlaw!

In 1991 I gave birth to a large healthy beautiful baby boy.  From that moment my life was changed... there is nothing like the bond between a mother and son.  The time I spent with my son as he grew up was an amazing adventure; he was my sports star, my artist, and my friend. 

Two weekends ago my son married his sweetheart and again my life has changed.  Now I am not only the proud mother of a wonderful son but also a wonderful daughter.  Change is bittersweet, it is hard to see your children grow up and become independent but with that comes new adventures and memorable moments. 
Their wedding was the first of many beautiful memories to come.  I loved her choice of colors and flowers; my daughter inlaw and her mother did a beautiful job designing her wedding. Sweet little navy colored butterflies everywhere and bouquets of dark blue columbine, lovely light blue hydrangea along with white roses for beautiful nontraditional autumn colors decorate an elegant little reception hall.  (Not that I am partial to butterflies or anything.)

I have been blessed with mature successful children and now I have the opportunity to welcome a new member to our family.  I can see that she makes my son happy, she has dreams and visions of their life together and my heart felt prayer is that they are able to reach all of those and more. 


Unknown said...

What a wonderful blog!
My eyes got moisten as I read through this...

Wish your son and new daughter happy life together.
And wish you new adventures!!

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness....her dress is just lovely! You certainly are blessed...enjoy :)