Saturday, November 19, 2011

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival in Chicago - The Parade of Lights

Every large city has a wonderful personality of its own and Chicago has one of the biggest. I love Chicago and would be living there now it was so darn cold.  It has beautiful old architecture, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, and always has so much going on that rather then having to wait for an event you have to choose which one you are going to. 

One of the events that I wish I could attend today is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival (click here for more information.)  This grand parade of lights kicks off the start of the Christmas Season in this wonderful city and if Mickey Mouse is there you know it is an event not to miss. 

Christmas in Chicago is amazing; I miss it and have found that although the Midwest is cold they know how to celebrate like no other group of people.  I took it for granted that everyone decorated for holidays and everyone would eat, drink and be merry until the break of dawn because not all cities do.

So if you are living in the Chicago enjoy the Magnificent Mile and I will have to catch up when I am visiting next week.

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