Friday, November 18, 2011

National Game & Puzzle Week ~ November 18 - 24

Today kicks off the first day of National Game & Puzzle Week.  For me growing up in an area that had extreme weather games were a typical pass time.  Many of the members of my family were athletic and very competitive so when you couldn't play a sport or be running around outside you were playing Yatzee, Chess or Euker (just to name of a few.) 
I am surprised to find how many families do not play games with their kids.  Game night can be very inexpensive (as little as the cost for a deck of cards,) it is relatively easy to keep the kids attention, and it develops some wonderful memories.  To this day I cherish the memories of my Uncle and my Grandfather teasing me while we were playing cards; they would joke and kid around trying to beat a 6 year old at a game of War.  The next chapter of my life is filled with the giggles and laughter of my children as we played everything from boardgames to Back Alley ( a more complicated card game.)

Amazingly my daughter who had special needs was a very sophisticated card player.  She can hold her own in a game of Three Thirteen, which is also a more complicated card game that use many math and organizational skills.  Games are an excellent way to help your children grow and learn.  It builds confidence (when done right,) makes learning academic skills fun, teaches patients and how to take turns, along with so much more.  So drag out the Shoots and Ladders and have a great Friday Game Night and create some wonderful memories.

Here are some of my family's favorites (of course found in ETSY shops.)  Happy Gaming!


CoolBoy Vintage said...

What a fun selection of vintage Games!!! Inspires me to take some time and play a few games with my kids this weekend!

Lilly's Lucky Penny said...

Thank you for including our Perfection game in your treasury! And a Mork & Mindy game, hello?! Awesome. Great finds.

Amy's Old School said...

My 8 year old son loves to play games! It is great family time to turn off the TV and play together. Kids get used less TV very easily! Thanks for including my vintage game piece necklace in your treasury!