Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Does Snow Have To Be So Cold?

Since moving to California I have discovered just how much our life experiences mold the perspectives we have.  Everything is truly relative, even something so black and white as the outside temperature.  Living in California now and having grown up in the Wisconsin gives me a entirely different perspective than many.  First a little disclaimer: I know that there are people out there that truly love winter and the cold, so Koodos to those people but I happen to not be one.   I can't even tolerate a temperature below freezing and struggle with it when the temperatures dip below 70 degrees.

Although I dislike feeling cold, I had to laugh when I saw my fellow Californians running around in scarves, knit hats, puffer coats and Ug boots as soon as our "cold" weather started this month, a chilly (get this) 65 degrees.  I once thought that their choice in winter apparel was merely for fashion but as I have become more acclimated to this climate I realized that, yes, they are that cold.  

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But more amusing to me is that these same people will tell me that they would love to live in the snow.  They go on to tell me how it is so beautiful and they like the cold weather and hate the heat, Really!?  At this point I wish for a teleporter so that for a brief 5 minutes I could zap them into downtown La Crosse Wisconsin to do some window shopping while it snows at 15 degrees F (an above average temperature for some months there.) 

I do think that the snow is beautiful to look at.  But as soon as I had to scrape off my car and shovel the driveway for a half hour just so I could get to work, the beauty wore a bit thin.  The funny thing is that when people, who never experienced the true cold, see a lovely winter wonderland on TV they think that it would be a Christmas miracle to have it snow here in Fresno.  Warm and toasty in their California homes they do not have any means to gauge just how chilly it has to get before the heavens can make those beautiful little crystals.
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Alas, I will let them keep that dream and they can think that I am just over exaggerating about how cold it feels back home.  Because, I know that maybe someday they will be standing in a place like Chicago mid December and it will be picture perfect... snow gently cascades down upon their knit cap, a breeze stirs the freshly fallen blanket at their Ug covered feet... a winter as seen on TV ...

Then suddenly, they realize that their hands are freezing mercilessly through their gloves, the winds are picking up to bite at their red chapped nose, and it is at that point they will remember what I told them and think "what the #%@*!!! am I doing here?" Then they will run back to good ole Cali like we do every year after our Holiday visit.
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Happy snow to all and to all a frost bite, LOL ;)

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Judy Nolan said...

I, too, grew up in Wisconsin--and moved to southern California for 12-1/2 years after getting married. We're back in the Midwest now, though...the call for family and well-defined seasons lured us back. I recall, however, how funny we thought it was when we saw everyone dressing so warmly in California! Unlike you, we retained our tolerance for cold, just never know!