Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - PaperSeekers

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The member of the Pacific Postcards Team that is featured today has been a member since I started the team.  Our team is small at this point and it was even smaller then but she still kept her membership knowing that someday we would grow.  We are well on our way to making our team be successful so I am so greatful to those members that were here in the beginning and stuck it out. 

I would like to introduce is Linda Patrick and her shop Paper Seeker;  Linda's shop is comprised of antique photographs and ephemera.  Her shop has a huge selection of beautiful black and white and sienne images.  I love to browse through the images and see all those special moments that had been captured 50 - 100 years ago; they are timeless.
While you may think that old photographs do not have much association with postcards they actually do.  Many times people would make their home photos into postcards by simply adding the Postcard logo onto the back and would add a place for the stamp; similar to the Christmas photo cards we use today.

Linda also has a lovely selection of traditional antique postcards, such as this one from the very early 1900's.
Linda's Shop Profile:
Collecting Photographs have not always been "My Big Thing".......well it sure is now! Perhaps I find the "Past" a bit more exciting than the future, the History, the Fashions, the Daily Toils, the Simple Life of a Farm Family. I think we are all in too much of a hurry, fill our hours with High Tech Equipment, buy the latest Designer Fashions, Fill our Lives with too many Appointments, too many Activities......just "too much" everything.

When I sit down with a box of old photos I can go to places I have never been, make up stories about the people in the Photographs, learn some History, write some stories of my own, look at sweet faces, wish they made clothes like "these", wonder what kind of lives all these people is a peaceful "Simple Pleasures" time.

I enjoy all of the Photographs I sell on Paper Seeker....some I wish I would have kept...I am just glad that they are still the High Tech World Progresses Paper Photographs will cease to be...such a shame........don't forget the Past, its where we come from.

I only obtain what I love, guess my thought is that you will Love It Too. I hope you enjoy the Listings, Enjoy the Purchases .....and Convo me should you have a particular Photo in mind......I am Happy to Seek what you are looking for.  ~ Linda Patrick

If you have a passion for selling and collecting postcards on ETSY we would love to have you join our team Pacific Postcards Team.  One of the criterium is that 25% of your shop should be dedicated to postcards or using postcards in your artwork (such as digital images.) 

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Linda Patrick said...

Thank You So Much Colleen for this Lovely Feature......I am Very Honored !
Linda Patrick....PaperSeeker