Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Butterfly In The Attic Blog Schedule and Treasury Fun

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It has been one longgggg week.  I am so glad to be home enjoying my weekend.  I wish it could be like the movie Ground Hogs Day but instead on a weekend.  But actually now that I think about it, it wouldn't matter because you could call out sick every single day but since it was the same day it would only count as one occurrence...That would work! 
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Well anyway I survived the work week and I only have 29 years 6 months 2 weeks 2 days 3 hours and 15 minutes before retirement.   Do I hear a Whoop Whoop!! Knocked out another week so that makes?.... OK about 1,536 weeks left; Not bad, Not bad.  I told you I was an optimist otherwise with those numbers I'd be crying.  Besides I may never retire since I am on the "Must Win The Lotto" plan. 

All kidding aside it has been a bit of a trying week so it is very nice to be able to start it off by rolling out my new Blog Schedule.  I am going to stick with these to the best of my ability  but when I travel out of town for business there usually is no personal time other than to sleep so I may have to fudge a bit.

Sunday - Spiritual and Inspirational Sunday.  It will also include things that I find to have some kind of meaning to me: stories, news, etc.  I also think that the Etsy Treasuries people make are inspiring, so at the end of the post I will include those from the last week featuring items from Postcards In The Attic and Butterfly In The Attic.

Monday - Meet and Greet of the Pacific Postcards Team.  These will be all members of my team on ETSY and I will be showing off their wonderful collections/shops.  I simply love love love postcards so this will be a great group of postings for those of you that share my passion.  It will include a mixture of antique and vintage postcards, new handmade postcards and items that were made using postcard ephemera.

Tuesday - Totally Postcards Tuesday. I will be devoting this day to exploring all the details of postcard collecting; from dating the cards to figuring out what type of card they are and just to simply share the beautiful imagery that the antique and vintage cards have.

Wednesday - Wandering Wednesday.  I love to travel and had life circumstances that made it next to impossible to leave the vicinity of my home for years.  But now, I have been blessed with the ability to do a lot of traveling so I will be sharing some of my favorite place in the US.  I have some wonderful spots that are well off the beaten path some you may never have  heard of and will find them to be just as wonderful as the famous places we talk about.

Thursday - Aromatherapy Thursday.  This will continue to be Aromatherapy Thursday but since I have covered many essential oils already it will be expanded to include some project instructions using naturals and scent.

Friday - Fun, Freaky, Wild Friday.  Who wants to have to think too much on Friday.  While I have to work the next day, Friday will always be TGIF to me and I want to find the postings, items, conversations that make me either laugh or say "What in the world?!"

Saturday - Gems and Minerals Saturday.  I love rock hounding and that is how I have found many of my favorite travel spots.  I also love the look and feel of jewelry made with real gems and minerals.  I think that there is a certain energy given off from each piece that you just don't get with the plastic.  I still wear some pieces that are not real because they are absolutely adorable but I don't get the same feeling as I do with real stuff.   In these posts we will talk about the mineral or gem briefly and include some examples of specimens and jewelry made with the stone.

That is it for today and since it is Sunday here are the Treasuries over the last week+.  Thanks all and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!

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