Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Postcard Week - Reminder of Up Coming Postcard Swap

If you love postcards this is your holiday, May 6 - 12 is National Postcard Week.  How many of us celebrate is by sending postcards.  I am holding a postcard swap, this would mean that you would pick  postcards that you either made or purchased from your area and send it to the people who have signed up to also participate.  In return you will get a postcard from each of them so it could help build your collection.  Plus is really fun to see other peoples designs and from what areas of the country it comes from.  I really hope you join in the fun.  Here is how:

If you would like to participate in the swap here is what I would like you to do by April 29th so that I have time to organize the list:
♥Comment your interest below
♥Leave your email address (I suggest in a
format that can't be picked
up by spammers such as
butterflyintheattic at yahoo dot com)
♥Indicate if you would like to have it
mailed with the postage on it or in a
seperate envelope so it will be unused.

Once I get the list of everyone interested on April 29th I will start to email people to get there addresses and make a list of people interested in participating. I will send another email with the list to each of you and from there it will be up to everyone to follow through and send out their postcards. Please make sure that you send one to each of the people on the list, I don't want anyone to have to be like Charlie Brown and going to an empty mail box every day LOL.

The sender will choose the card they send to you; it can be handmade or commercial (mine will be from my own handmade designs.) I prefer mine mailed and if there is time a nice message would make things even more interesting. If you have any questions please post them also since others may have the same thing running through there mind; I will check back and answer.

I hope to see you on the list this should be very fun.

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