Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pacific Postcards Team Shops - Pretty Girl Postcards

Don't forget about National Postcard Week's Postcard Swap time is running out and it is a great way to add some wonderful cards to your collection.

The Pacific Postcards Team (PPT Team) has many different member shops.  Some have items that utilize the images from old postcards to create new and beautiful items.  Some of the shops are like mine with a large variety of antique and vintage postcards and then there are those shops that create their own postcards.  Pretty Girl Postcards actually combines two of these by using their artistry to create wonderfully funny and witty postcards utilizing vintage images. 

I must admit that a little partial to Betsy Hoffman's shop, PrettyGirlPostcards (ETSY ID), her sense of humor fits well with mine.  Her messages are very reminiscent of the vintage humor that you would find on postcards from the early 1900s.  During the early ages of postcards the terms Saucy and Seaside were used to describe the witty and a little risque comments found on the comical cards found from that period.
Betsy has a new line of postcards that feature the same beauties but are paired with wonderful quotes from Jane Austin.
This is one of my personal favorites because I went to the doctors for some back problems just recently.  My official diagnosis for that last to months has been "You Are Fat..."  but luckily after several months of pain an MRI has shown what the true problem is even though I am sure "You Are Fat" contributed to it.  Depending on my next appointment I may need to actual send this to him, LOL.
From Betsy's Profile...
Pretty Girl Postcards are a line of historically-inspired postcards featuring images of women from 18th Century fashion plates. But just being pretty isn't enough for these Pretty Girls -- These girls have something to say and they aren't afraid to speak their mind! Comments like "What Do Women Want? They Want The Same Things As Men Only In Prettier Colors!" and "You Are Quite Attractive For a Crazy Person," just make you want to smile. These postcards are wonderful to send or receive, but they also make a pretty statement when framed and placed in a favorite spot on your wall.

Our new "Jane Austen Quotes," postcards are my little way of honoring one of my favorite authors. Her words are paired with lovely women dressed in Regency style and make a wonderful sentimental statement. I have framed two of my favorite sayings and arranged them on the wall of my powder room.

And just in time for the holidays -- enchanting ladies in their winter finery bring old-fashioned wishes to you and yours.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and picking out your favorites. I would love to hear what you think of these cards, so please feel free to convo me with any comments or suggestions.

Pretty Girl Postcards

Pretty Girl Postcards is a must stop and shop store.  I can guarantee that she will have a postcard for your every occasion, including doctors appointments.

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