Friday, May 4, 2012

Are You a Marvel Fan or a DC Comics Fan? or Are You a Little "Two-Faced?" - TGIF Let's Just Have Fun!

Growing up I was not able to read comic books or watch television that had references to god-like characters such as Thor, Batman, etc.  But I have always loved cartoons especially Loony Toons and even watch them to this day.  But I think since I didn't grow up with words popping into the screen like "POW" and "WHAM" or the dark and dismal caricatures of cities taken under siege, I can not get into those super hero cartoons. 

Over the years I have skipped past many Transformers, Batman and Hulk cartoons with no interest in them at all; I almost find them to be annoying.   With that being said, I am now officially addicted to the Transformer Movies.  The computer technology of this age and the ability to make these flat boring characters Pop from the screen has now completely sucked me in.

With my newly found addiction I have also incorporated others including the Dark Night movie, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man.  Oddly though, I find that I have the same aversion to The Hulk and Spiderman as I did to their earlier cartoon versions.  This led me to the question "Why?" (I know, I may have a little too much time to think sometimes.)  My husband's solution was simple; Marvel Comics are far more superior than DC and that Stan Lee rules supreme.  Unfortunately I felt he may have been a bit bias with answer because he grew up with a stash of Spidy comics and was completely into "CA POW" flashing across the television.  So I put technology to good use and started to search the Internet.

As always with me, it turns out that it is not as simple as Marvel vs. DC.  Transformers started out as Hasbro and not even part of  Marvel or DC in the beginning but did eventually become part of the Marvel Comics family.  It also turns out that although Batman is DC and  the Fantastic Four is Marvel, Stan Lee wrote both at one point!  I am so confused.   I have actually decided to never consult my husband (or any other man) ever again on this matter because he is die hard Marvel but loves Batman; What?! and it just hurts my head, "POW!!"

I guess I don't care why I like some over others anymore, but I eagerly await the new Transformers (#1 on my list,) the new Dark Night, and what ever other amusing character they come out with.  I think that for me it isn't whether it was Marvel or DC but whether it is believable.  For some reason I can totally see giant robots from outer space messing with Earth really happening but not a giant morphing green man.  I am just sophisticated that way.

My question to you on this fine Friday Morning - Marvel or DC or is it Stan Lee that does it for you or does it even matter?

Have a great one!


ddb7 said...

Marvel all the way Baby!

ddb7 said...

Marvel is over the top!