Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aromatherapy Thursday - Citronella Grass

As the summer months approach, Citronella Grass will become the most popular and if not one the most popular aromatherapy treatments in the the US.  There are so many products offered to us that contain Citronella you can go to any Lowe's, Menard's, and Walmart and buy a vast array of oils, lotions, and candles.  Unfortunately most of the things offered on the market right now come in ugly packaging and utilize other cheap ingredients.  My solution is that if I need to have a lot of Citronella (back in a time I camped and lived in the mosquito ridden Midwest) I would buy the cheaper items and use them in places not readily visible.  Then I would buy the pretty things that used Citronella and have those nicely displayed on the tables and out where people were looking.
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 Citronella Grass oil is so terribly popular because it is known to repell mosquitoes and other pesky insects.  Burning a candle in strategically places will definitely reduce the number of uninvited biting guests at your picnic or family gathering.  Unfortunately it is not as effective as some of the chemical products available but it is much better for you and much better for the environment.

Citronella Grass oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant Cympopogon Nardus which is part of the Lemon Grass Genus (Cympopogon.)  It does have a very different smell than Lemon Grass oil but you can smell the family resemblance.  The Citronella Grass plant originated in Indonesia but is widely grown in other warmer climates due to the popularity of the oil.
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 Not only is Citronella Grass oil good for repelling insects it is a natural disinfectant (why it is found in so many other household cleaners) and has antiseptic properties.  I can be beneficial to "cleanse" a sick room or if many family members were ill at one time you could use it to clean the entire house with the hope of killing any lingering germs.

Physically when used as a message oil Citronella Grass oil can produce a warming effect that will help ease joint and muscle pain.  It can also help treat oily skin and scalps.  It is also a wonderful to use a Citronella soap after working in the garden, nothing smells better than that lemony scent and it will offer protection to your skin from any thing you may have picked up while handling the dirt.
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In aromatherapy Citronella Grass is said to have a anti-depressant effect and help clear the mind.  The light lemony scent is pleasant and and it also may remind you of family fun and wonderful summer holidays.  I know that even though I don't camp any more or have to deal with many misquotes that I still want to buy Citronella candles when I walk through the store.  The powerful scent of the many candle jars and oils calls to my nostalgia from their shelves whispering memories of summers gone by.

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