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Aromatherapy Thursday - Rose

While I have already covered some information on the Rose I do believe that since it is such a lovely romantic scent it is worthy of touching upon again.  I talked about making rose beads and my midwest home that had a driveway lined by country roses on my post about a year ago.  Today's post is inspired by a rose that was waiting for me after I returned from a very long day at my day job.  Although it has been a while since the Rose has faded I remember it so distinctly.  It was freshly picked by Terry and presented to me in a simple vase but while the Rose itself was extremely beautiful it was the fragrance that was so striking.  I am not sure if men realize how monumental some of the most simple things they do can be, but Terry completely erased all the stress from that week and returned my smile in that one simple jesture; what a true blessing.

True Rose essential oil is extremely expensive and has a couple main types.  Rose Otto is a pure rose oil that is distilled from the rose petals without adding anything to the oil.  The fragrance from this oil, if kept properly, will literally last forever.  Many different companies and countries will produce Rose Otto and depending on the environment that the roses grew in etc the fragrance will vary slightly along with the cost.  I have purchase less expensive Rose Otto for $40.00 a 1/16th ounce but it can be thousands of dollars for just a small amount.  The reason why it is so expensive is that to make 1 pound (or about 17 Floz) of oil you need to use 4000 lbs of fine rose petals.
This wonderful Rose Otto is from Bugaria which boasts to be the very finest Rose oil there is with a deep rich history dating back thousands of years. 
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Rose Absolute is another name for Rose essential oil and it is a bit less expensive but it is not made by a distilation process so it is less pure.  It is made by extracting the rose oils using solvents.  It is similar to the process you use to make rose water but of course much more concentrated and complex so that the oil is almost pure but is not considered a theraputic oil.  Although this is a technicality and I still think that Rose Absolute is an amazing oil that has a beautiful scent that can be used to make the finest perfumes.

While the Rose Otto and Absolute are quite expensive a little drop will go very far.  If your budget does not allow for such an investment you can always use less pure essential oils that have been "cut" (meaning that another carrier oil has been used to dilute the oil) or use a synthetic fragrance oil.  If you choose the less expensive product make sure that you are investing in a quality product from a repitubable company because even the cheaper products have high and low grades.
OK I have to admit I just L-O-V-E this bottle it is so pretty!  Not only do you get this great bottle but you will receive some high quality Rose Essential oil found in Etsy shop Hilary'sBazaar at
Using Rose essential oils as aromatherapy can help with managing grief, lift the spirit, and helps enhance your mood.  It is also used to promote a sensual feeling, hense roses during Valentine's day.  When used in conjection with massage therapy the message oils made with essential Rose has been noted to increase circulation and relieve feminine issues during PMS and menopause.  Rose essential oil added to lotions can help with dry skin and skin toning.

Traditionally women have used Rose Water for years although it had it start in the Middle East and was used more for rituals and flavoring of foods.  I always think of it as an oldfashioned wash or light perfume.  Making your own Rose Water can be as easy and you can find the recipes by clicking on the link below.  You may also just purchase some already made from a shop such as:  but it depends on how much time you have and how adventuresome you are.
cropped roses for blog recipe page
Here are some other wonderful handmade products from ETSY that uses Rose Essential and Fragrance Oils...

As with any aromatherapy and essential oil, check for allergies first and consult your physician prior to use.

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