Friday, May 25, 2012

Freaky Funny Friday - TGIF Let's Just Have Fun! - What's Up With Our Neighborhood Bird?

I live in the quiet part of Fresno, well almost, where there are Churches and older community member on our block.   I love the natural sounds even in the city you can here them if you get up early enough.  Right now it is about 2:50 in the morning and I can here the quite trickling of our fountain and a few chirps of night birds here and there.  Very peaceful which won't last of course and at sunrise everything will start getting a little bit more active.  Fortunately for me most days I leave right at that time so I am not home for the Neighborhood Bird.

Although I am usually not home to hear it and it truly doesn't bother me a whole lot, I have been exposed to its insanity; I will be quietly typing away when suddenly a piercing "SCREECH!"  It is far enough away and I don't even know which house it is of the neighboring complex but it has bothered some of our close neighbors to the brink of madness.  In fact my husband one day stopped the old man down a few doors to find him on his way to "shoot the bird."  I can happily report that the gentleman calmed down and the bird is still screeching away.
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While our neighborhood bird does nothing but Screech all day,this bird in Japan gave his entire address, including house number, to the authorities after he flew the coop and was caught. is the link Lost Parakeet Tells Japanese Police Where It Lives.
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I always thought it would be fun to have a Parrot but I couldn't stand the mess that they make... Maybe I could have it wear a diaper... Just a though but needless to say I wouldn't have the time to give it proper voice lessons anyway.  Great thought and I always envisioned a feathery pal kind of like this one:

So in honor of  my Feathered Friends, Screeching and Non-Screeching ..."Here's To the Birds of our lives."

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