Friday, June 1, 2012

Freaky Fun Friday - TGIF Let's Just Have Fun - Big Foot

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Being a young child in the 70's I of course knew about the Patterson Video.  I heard about much after the time that the actual event occurred, but just the same it sparked my interest.  I remember that most people felt it was a hoax but even at a young age I always like to believe there are still many mysteries in our natural world that we have no logical explanations for.  I loved the stories of Loch Ness Monster, UFOs and Big Foot and I still do.  Of course I could be just as skeptical as anyone else since I am a pretty linear and logical thinker, but I have a tiny bit of Artist running through my veins and that creative, flamboyant side screams out from its depths, "Why Not?" 

I think life is much more fun if we do believe in unexplained thing, leave some mystery to life and don't take things so serious.  Besides I was once told by a great professor (of religion) and pastor that God has a sense of humor; I could picture Him giving us a glimpse of Big Foot once and a while, laughing to Himself saying "that will keep them busy for a minute."   So with that being said there has been another Big Foot sighting in Idaho, What fun?  Some kids apparently caught on camera a large shadowy figure running into the woods and afterwards ran toward where the creature was seen and took pictures of the foot prints.  Am I a little skeptical about the foot print? Yes but the video is a little curious.  Who knows but it is still fun to think it may be out there.  Click here to see the actual news report on the possible Big Foot Sighting

I had the pleasure of also going to Happy Camp California where they have strongly capitalized on the Patterson sighting.  Unfortunately for the small town it is hours away from any other large towns or cities so I don't think that sighting will ever be able to really draw anyone other than Big Foot hunters and  a few people that have quirky hobbies, like myself, and thinks it is fun to visit place they see on TV in person.  It would never be enough to get the town hopping, but maybe the citizens like it that way.  The area is beautiful and the Klamath River along with its smaller tributary rivers and creeks is still wild and covers a vast area.  You could truly get lost if you were not careful and the area is a little dangerous but I am very glad I had a chance to see it.

So my Freaky Fun Friday theme is going to continue with a tribute to Big Foot Etsy Style and I hope that many of you still find it fun to think about the mysteries right around us.  Life gets very boring without those little unknowns.

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