Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday's Gem - Rhodonite

Rhodonite is one of my favorite minerals probably because it dons my favorite color pink.  The beautiful pink is often accented with intrusions of black veins of magnesium rich ore bodies.  It can also be found in the colors red and brown.  Rhodonite is from the silicate group and forms tabular crystals that have rounded edges and also in a massive form.   It is usually associated with sedimentary rock filling it's cracks and crevices.  It has a more coarse, granular look that varies from transparent to translucent with a pearly luster when cleaved.   The fracture is uneven.  It is found in many countries such as Madagascar, India, France, Russia, and the United States.  It is found on the East Coast in New Jersey area but there are also deposits throughout California. (1,2)
This wonderful slab shows the fanciful pattern that naturally occurs in Rhodonite.  This slab can be purchased from Etsy shop Etil at:
I have been to areas that reportedly have Rhodonite but sadly I have not been able to find any myself.  It is a bit challenging and takes a keen eye to spot this beautiful stone because it is often disguised as a brown lump.  It will look like a common rock covered in dirt until you wet it or cleave it to show the brilliant color.  I never give up on stumbling across some on one of my trips but the mineral is more rare and I think for now I will have to stick to buying my pieces.
This beautiful sphere can be bought from Etsy shop CrystalSense at:
Metaphysically Rhodonite is reported to have a very powerful restorative power for those who have suffered from some type of trauma that has drained them of their energy.  It is said to give its wearer a higher sense of self-confidence, value and self-esteem.  In general it is an emotionally uplifting stone.

I love the jewelry that is made from these stones, I don't know if it is the metaphysical properties the draw me to it or the simple fact that it is such a pretty pink that makes me feel so good when I wear it.  I hope you enjoy my selections. 

(1,2) For more information on Rhodonite or gems and minerals go to the references page found here:  for a list of books used in this blog.

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