Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - Artistic Drama

Today's featured member of the Pacific Postcards Team is Joy Boardman owner of the fun little shop Artistic Drama.  Joy uses artistic collages to create fun and whimsical cards and now Posters.  Here a few of my favorites:
 From Joy's Shop Announcements:
"Quirky, Irreverent, and Beautiful Greeting Collage Note Cards & Mini Art Prints Professionally Printed on High Quality Recycled Card Stock
**I now make posters! Order ANY card as a poster (Just contact me!)**
Friends with Benefits: Follow me and be the first to find out about sales and new stuff!!
Instagram @artisticdrama or Twitter and Facebook....
You can also find me on pinterest:"
~Joy Boardman
From Joy's Profile:
My name is Joy Boardman. I am a massage therapist, collage maker, and a world traveler.

you can order one of my beautiful cards@:
and you can even be my friend with benefits on facebook and twitter- you'll be the first to know about sales and new cards!

Why pick my cards?
Well, because they are artsy and unique! You can feel good about helping an artisan.

Also, I print them on recycled card stock. Because saving the planet is a big deal for me and I try to recycle as often as I can so I want you to be able to participate in that. After all, collage is a kind of recycling in itself. Or, um, upcycling is that the new term?

And another thing: My cards are blank. That is so that you can have a lot of space to write what you want to write and you don't have to worry about there being anything cheesy written in the inside. Don't you hate that? Then you have to cross it out.... so mine are blank. Which makes them perfect for any occasion at all!

Why Cards?
I've chosen to make my collages into notecards because I think that it's very important to keep in touch with those close to us. My mom writes letters every day and her mailbox is always full. She says, 'You write letters, you get letters.'

I am a huge fan of personal mail. I mean really, what means more? A bunch of people wishing you happy birthday on Facebook or a handwritten, handpicked card in your mailbox? Personal mail rocks because it makes life fun and joyful.

Background & Method
I've been making collages since I was very little. I love scissors and I love collecting images. I have a huge, HUMONGOUS box of magazine images.

I reach in and grab a handful every day and spend about an hour going through them and seeing if any are inspired to go together that day. Then I whip out my trusty glue stick and stick 'em together.

I love that collages are all unique. The images could go together in about a billion different ways.

I love holistic living, beautiful things, and hand-written communication. I live in Staunton, Virginia in the lovely and gorgeous Shenandoah Valley.

Believe that you can make someone's day 1,000 times better.
Remember that everyone needs to know they aren't alone on this planet.

Please enjoy my artwork and send it off with love. Please send me feedback: the look on your friend's face , the excited phone call you got, or the card you received in return.

Thank you!"
~Joy Boardman

Here are some more great cards from Joy's fun shop:

'Meet the Pacific Postcards Team Member ~ Joy Boardman ~ Artistic Drama' by postcardsintheattic

Art Poster AND Set of 5 Coll...
Let Us Enjoy Breathing Toget...
The World is Colorful and Be...
Friendship is Play- Plato: T...
Say Something, Nerdy Beach G...
Summer Citrus Fun- Collage N...
Pick Up Line- Is Your Name S...
Well Adjusted Woman: Collage...
Perfect Nature (Free Shippin...
Romantic Camping Smores Outd...
Yummy: Collage Note Card on ...
Birds of a Feather: Friendsh...
We Remember Moments: Collage...
Little Red Riding Hood: Coll...
Snow White Seven Chances: Co...
Crammed with Beauty and Inve...

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