Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Upcycled and Recycled DIY Fun

I love Upcycling and have been showing many wonderful upcycled items from Etsy over the past few weeks.  But today I would like to show a few things I found around the web that you can do for yourself.  Note: The link under it will take you to the site with full instructions except one which is noted.

Upcycled Paper Bag Berry Basket on Ellinee
Cute Upcycled Vintage Book Planter from Inhabitat at
How Trendy and Cool!  A purse made from Plastic Bottles found at Green Up Grader
Ties are so expensive and what if they get a stain?  Fear not this great blog has a way for you to Upcycle them into great Fashion statements!  From Art Star by Aletha At

Upcycled Crayons at Hands On As We Grow (their site is great if you have kids you must stop by there)
This teeter totter may be easy for someone that has the tools and skills.  I had to include it even though it doesn't have instructions, number 1 because it is so darn cute and number 2 because it used something that is so hard to truly upcycle!  Love this sorry there is no directions I got it from
This one is soooo cool it is not really upcycling but I had to include it because I can remember wanting tap shoes and boy, this would have been great as a kid!  Here is the link If you have kids do check it out they have such great ideas.  Mine are grown but I am saving the link for future grandkids!

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