Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcycled and Recycled on Etsy - Get Well Soon

Since I have a nasty bug and I am just getting a little bit better now, those comforting items are on my mind.  I have to always have the Puffs with lotion, honey lemon halls, and popcycles when I have a cold.  I simply cannot function without them.  Here are some other wonderful items that are either upcycled or repurposed from Etsy that will help us either stay well or get better when feeling down.

Lavender Eye Pillow By AbelaBodycare at
Slippers By Linkaa at
Robe By BansheeHouseOfMake at
Plushy By GarrishRubbish at
Paper Flowers By JillyAnnsCreations at


Laurie said...

Thanks so much for including my eye pillow here. I hope you'll soon be feeling better. I've linked to this in a blog post and on my fb page. Those slippers are awesome!

Banshee said...

My robe looks lovely! Feel better, and don't forget the fuzzy slippers!!!