Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upcycled and Recycled on Etsy - Winter Blues

No matter where I live and no matter how sunny or warm the place is, I seem to have a period of time where I get the winter blues.  I have come to theorize that it is the short days and the minimal amount of sunlight that I get during the long month of January that does me in.  It has helped moving West but once again I feel that cabin fever and the the-holidays-are-over and its-12-weeks-until-spring-training blues.  At least I know it will pass and with spring just around the corner I am optimistic that I will survive.

And just as always I will try to create my cosy little virtual world (one that is found in an unending summer) and feature some of the Blues found on Etsy this morning:)  Enjoy

By Shufflewing at
From EmmeliWorks at

From SheikSewing at
By GroovyGreenGlass at
From AutumnWindsJewelry at
By BohemianBlue at

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