Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free to Promote Your Shop, Social Sites, or Blog; on Networking Saturday (all week long) 47

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I know that this is a strange comment coming from an very outgoing person but I find face to face networking a challenge.  I love promoting and marketing but networking is a different bird.

To many networking is just hanging out and visiting with others that have the same interest but that isn't networking.  That actually is friendship.  Networking has a goal and a plan on how you will reach your goal.  You are there to meet people that may be able to help you get to your goal.

Some of the guides that I just read to make networking more successful for you are:
  • Visit many sites, groups, blogs, teams that interest you
    • Pay attention to the vibe there and the type of people that it attracts and whether it is a good fit for you
  • Is your talent in quilting? or acrylics? then be a great and respected resource for information on these topics.
  • Know what you would like help with when you reach out.  Do you need advice on advertising, a good resource for supplies etc?
So while you are visiting and adding your sites; make sure you glance at those who also joined; you never know who you will meet and how they can help you achieve your goals.  There are so many amazing shops, blogs, etc. out there that really have a lot to offer.

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