Sunday, April 29, 2018

Follow and Tweet Group Twitter Promotion

I seen this type of promotion on another group that I work with and seems very successful.  The nice is that it is simple and easy to do.


  1. Pin one of your tweets to your profile (of course the one you want retweeted)
  2. In the comments bellow add your Twitter Account URL (Mine is
  3. Tweet all other participants Pinned Tweets (come back periodically to check for new)
  4. Follow the person on Twitter if you haven't already
Family Friendly Only (no nudes, no violence etc.)
Must retweet those above you and follow the twitter handles
Please promote the post to get more visibility

That is it!! so Simple!

This is not exclusive to ETSY so please invite your friends to join

Since this is on a blog it cannot be ongoing, the post will get buried.  So this promo is for today only.
Tomorrow AM I will Write "STOP" in the comments after the last twitter handle and that is the end of the promotion until next week.  Must have everyone retweeted by Noon PT on Monday.

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at ButterflyInTheAtticPhotography [@]

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