Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Favorite Shop Of The Week - ColibriGift

While building my Meet the Members of the Pacific Postcard Team post I had a revelation. I am going to pick my favorite shop for the week and feature them on both of my Blogs Wednesday. (you can also find this at

This feature is based solely on my own personal tastes and what I enjoyed at the time. I usually find several shops that I just love but one always grabs my attention just a bit more.

I am so amazed at these beautiful and artfully designed cards created by ColibriGift .  The details on each card is amazing and are a gift of their own.  You would need to buy a gift just this card!

Bogdan Zolochevsky
"Hello ;)
Click to enter my shop:

Great to see you in our artisan boutique ColibriGift!
We offer cute unique goods - cool pop up souvenirs for any occasion.
Produced by artisans to bring more color in your life
We create and make these pop up greeting cards using high quality designer paper Fedrigoni and Cordenons fine paper.
Our goods are awesome because
* They are extremely well detailed.
* They can be fold flat and fit the envelope to make shipping easy.
* There is an insert inside each card for the message.
Wow effect is guaranteed.
There is an option for you to have us print the message you gave us on the insert and ship it wherever you want.
Custom orders
- Cards with your names, dates or any other information you gave us.
- Cards on different color paper are available.
- We could design your personal cards
Greeting cards for any occasion
* wedding, anniversary, birthday, party, graduation, corporate events, social events like concerts, festivals, movie premiers, conferences
Our goods are multifunctional as we offer:
* Artsy greeting cards
* Souvenirs
* Invitations
* Save-the-date cards
* Thank-you cards
* Take-home-momento cards
* Paper model miniatures
* Pilgrim / travel gifts
* Museum / hotel gifts
* Company/corporate promo items
* Calendars
* Will-You-Marry-me cards
* Travel-With-Me cards
Perks that only we can offer
- We approach every client and/or order individually
- Since it’s not a mass product, we can make little changes to every single gift we produce for you exclusively
- We love what we do that’s why every single order for us is a big deal since we take it as a new art project
You can and should use your creativity to help us make a masterpiece for you
- Be our co-creators giving your thoughts and ideas. We’ll use our experience, materials and equipment to make your dreams come true.
- Our goal is not only gaining financial benefits but also bringing beauty and inspiration into this world.
Great thanks to our awesome customers. Some goods we are offering now are there due to collaboration with our talented customers. Thanks again dear clients for your invaluable contribution when you want us to change the color, reinforce the packaging, add the signature, improve a detail or service. We really appreciate your feedback!" ~Bogdan
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