Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cat Attack - Tuesday's Treasury and Collectibles

I am a true cat lover.  True cat lovers collect cats (hopefully figurines otherwise you turn into the crazy cat lady,) collect things about cats, and collect things for their cats.  Here are some of my favorites from ETSY that could inspire your collection.

From ETSY Shop Cats With Attitude http://www.etsy.com/shop/Catswithattitude?ref=seller_info

Also from Cats With Attitudes http://www.etsy.com/shop/Catswithattitude?ref=seller_info

From ETSY Shop Sunplay Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sunplayshop?ref=seller_info

From ETSY Shop Strawberries and Cream http://www.etsy.com/shop/strawberriesandcream?ref=pr_shop

From ETSY Shop Prancing Goat Vintage http://www.etsy.com/shop/prancinggoat?ref=seller_info
From ETSY Shop Haoli http://www.etsy.com/shop/haoli?ref=seller_info

There are so many cute options I put them into a treasury.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Promise of Fun In The Sun - Tropical Trips

Exotic vacations have lured people for years.  The advertisings were enticing and the photographs irresistible both then and still are now.  Let’s take a trip not just back in time, but back in time to the tropics... 

From ETSY Shop Myra Melinda  http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyraMelinda?ref=seller_info
From ETSY Shop Romance Writer http://www.etsy.com/shop/RomanceWriter?ref=seller_info

From ETSY shop Vintage Plum http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintagePlum?ref=seller_info

From ETSY shop Iowa Jewel http://www.etsy.com/shop/iowajewel?ref=pr_shop
 I know I am ready for a vacation.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Lazy Saturday Reminiscing

I am having a lazy Saturday reminiscing about childhood dreams and summertimes from long ago.  Luckily my good friends and fellow Etsians have been hard at work creating lovely treasuries.  They have been so kind to include some of my wonderful items and I would love to share these treasuries with you.  Please visit the curator's stores along with many of these fun and exciting shops featured along with mine. 

Vintage Wedding Details

Woodland Story

Robin's Nest

The Old Ball and Chain...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Moon is Close...It's Freaky Friday - Vintage Circus

Years ago people were able to pay pennies for a night of entertainment, laughter, and thrills; it was social and special.  Here are some wonderful vintage items that are from those years when the phrase "The Circus Is In Town" meant something.  What a fun collection.

From ETSY shop BellaMercato at http://www.etsy.com/shop/BellaMercato?ref=pr_shop

from ETSY Shop KingPaper  http://www.etsy.com/people/KingPaper?ref=ls_profile

From ETSY shop LeasAtticSpace at http://www.etsy.com/people/leasatticspace?ref=ls_profile

From ETSY Shop DirtyBirdiesVintage at http://www.etsy.com/shop/dirtybirdiesvintage?ref=seller_info

From ETSY shop EcleticPelican at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eclecticpelican?ref=pr_shop

From my ETSY shop PostcardsInTheAttic at http://www.etsy.com/shop/postcardsintheattic?ref=pr_shop

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Exciting Thursday For Postcards In The Attic

It is an exciting day for Postcards in the Attic, one of my lovely ETSY stores.  I have been interviewed by Dana Summers for an article that will be posted on her Blog http://www.31summers.blogs.com/ by 3pm today.  It is a chance to get to know me a little more since it is always hard to just write about yourself on your own blog.  I am also offering a special coupon code for free shipping at Postcards In The Attic that will be available with her posting.  I hope that everyone will check out this posting and along with showing support for my sites enjoy the wonderful blog, 31summers.

Note only has there been this excitement but I have found my postcards included in several treasuries that I would like to share.  Please check out the stores at ETSY and the wonderful curators.  They are so creative.
Sleeping Under the Stars featuring my Antique Real Photograph Postcard

Easter Parade Featuring my Antique Easter Postcard with little yellow chicks

How Do You Do featuring my Antique Postcard of New York

Aromatherapy Thursday - Tea Tree

I have noticed as I am out and about many people with the sniffles.  At this time of year I find more susceptible to catching many nasty little bugs and often the air in rooms and around me feels sick.  Tea Tree is a wonderful plant that has a long history as a tea, antifungal, and as a treatment for many different things that require antiseptics.  In fact it is history that Captain Cook used it to fight the scurvy in his crew on their voyages.  
Aromatherapy, of course, focuses is on the plant's effect on a person when they use the plant's essential oils and aroma.
Tea Tree has a pleasant earthy scent that is fresh and clean.  I personally love the scent of tea tree and find it to be very helpful when I am not feeling well.  It is known to be the strongest disinfectant so if used in your "sick" room it does really help clear out the air.  Often when not feeling well I will simply add a few drops to a diffuser or vaporizer and place it in the main rooms of my home.  This is also good after someone in your home has been sick to clear out those bugs from the air and freshen up your home.  
Most of us have experienced the Vicks Vapor rub as a child.  I personally hated it; the greasy paste smelled so strong it burned and felt ice-cold against my feverish skin.  Not to say it doesn't work but I much prefer my own mixture now that I am an adult.  Using sweet almond oil as a carrier (or if you don't have that readily available you can used vegetable oil) add four drops of tea tree oil with one drop of lavender essential oil to two tablespoons of carrier oil.  Use as a rub on the same areas you would use Vicks: the chest, neck and back. It has wonderful properties that sooth and helps fight the bugs you have.  
Most people are not sensitive to the Tea Tree oil, it is a more gentle oil that can be used "neet" like Lavender, but there are always people that are sensitive.  So an allergy test should always be conducted prior to using any essential oil.  Place a small drop of the oil on the wrist and check for any reddening or reaction for 24 hours.  Of course if there is a reaction or reddening do not use.  Always be conscious of those that have respiratory issues whenever using aroma therapy, what may help some people can increase another's health issues.  And by no means should aromatherapy take the place of medical treatment prescribed by your physician or take the place of a doctor's visit.

I have include a wonderful treasury of many products offered on ETSY that contain Tea Tree Oil.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Postcard Collecting And Postcard Artists

Often I hear novice postcard collectors tell me that they collect Tuck.  These postcards are published by Ralph Tuck and Sons in the late 1800s until somewhere around 1920.   I have wrote in other postings about specializing postcard collections by type, subject, publisher, or some other interest and collecting Tuck postcards is a wonderful means to specialize. 
A collection that has a specific theme should allow the collector to become an expert in that area but unfortunately often I have found that people simply believe that because it is a Tuck it has significant monitary value.  There are many factors that will influence the monetary value of a postcard, including those published by Tuck: condition, rarity, subject matter, the colors used, and the artist play a huge role in what the value of these postcards can be. 
Condition would be a consideration with this Vintage Tuck Card (I still like it though)

A wonderful example of how much one little element can change a value of a postcard is the Tuck Christmas series.  An early Tuck Christmas postcard depicting a Santa in a green suit (all other factors aside) will have a monetary value significantly higher than those that have Santas wearing the traditional red suit.  So in short collecting a specific publisher is an excellent choice but understanding the differences within that publisher's work will be important. 
Some Tuck postcards will have a signature of the artist on the front of the postcard.  Signatures are not common for postcards no matter how amazing the artwork is.  Artists were a key to the picture postcards but many either didn't see them as something that would take off with the public and would fizzle out or they didn't see the postcard as important art.  For many reasons artists had found it not important to sign their postcard art but a hundred or more years later many of us postcard enthusiasts would like to argue with that.
There are several postcards that do have artist signature or their logo so you would be able to build a rather nice collection around this theme.  You could choose cards from specific artists only or collect cards that have the artist's actual signature.  I have included a link to a wonderful site that will help with finding artist names since there are too many for me to list in this posting.
Sometimes an artist's signature is very easily recognizable but others you will literally need a jewelers glass to figure it out who it is and even then it may be too hard to distinguish.  One of the easiest means to find specific artists is to look for those that had developed their own logo.  Many are very eye catching and easy to spot.  There are times that the publisher will also give credit to the artist printing their name somewhere on the card.  The actual artist signature, of course, is the most desirable to collectors.

This signature is one that I was not able to read even with a jeweler's glass
Cards that have a copyright date along with a name can be easily misidentified.  This may be the artists name but unless you are familiar with the artist you will need to research it.  Publishing companies and printers who did not actual create the art may have put their logo or name there instead.  I have example of a card done by the artist Max Feinberg that has his name right next to the 1911 copyright.

This one has Feinberg's name next to the copyright so you
 know who the artist is  but it doesn't have his signature

I have some examples of Colby postcards from the early 1900s.  As you will see these cards have a distinct artist style but also a beautiful unmistakable logo and signature

One artist that has caused quite a stir was Donald McGill a British artist who is known for creating controversial (for the time period) postcards.  He would often create postcards that poked fun of the British government which did not gain him favor and he also liked comic caricature of people in scandalous situations or poses.  His cards were named Seaside cards because the subjects were often saucy seaside images.  I have examples of this artist along with others that have similar risqué artistry.  Although controversial in his period, many people collected McGill cards, which make them easier to find now.  He was a very clever artist at times.
This one is an example of his political cartoons
Walt Munson (as you will see) also liked to create those "saucy" cards.

This is a Spanish artist that I am not familiar with but it is signed just the same.  I do not speak or read Spanish so that doesn't help but in the postcard collecting world it would be necessary to pick up many languages if you wanted to be able to read them.  Fortunately for us Google has a wonderful feature to translate languages.  While this will not help with names it certainly help you figure out the origins of your card and often what the verse or caption says.   You go to Google and right alongside the search box there is a language tool.  Then type in the letters as you see them on the postcard.  Sometimes I have had to try several different languages because I am not sure exactly which one I am looking for but when I click on one that translates it to English I know that is it.  I don't think they could have made it simpler for us.  Of course it is not perfect but I find it to be an extremely useful tool.

One of my favorite postcards that has a known artist is listed at PostcardsInTheAttic on ETSY.  I love this card because I find it to be so beautiful and picturesque.  James Walter Gozzard was born in the late 1800's and was known for painting village scenes and his fine art.  Fortunately for us he also made some of his art into postcards.  This specific card has his name at the bottom as J.W. Gozzard but it is not actually signed.

I am not an expert on postcards but I enjoy sharing some of things I learn.  I rely heavily on researching my cards using books and internet sites.  Most often when I am listing a postcard for sale I learn something new because I won't recognize the artist or publisher and have to do some searching for information.  Hopefully this link and the others will make this process a little easier for you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take A Walk With Me - Tuesday's Treasuries

Take a walk with me through soft meadows and wild forest where we can be the owner of our world.  I felt a strong pull to get in touch with nature this morning.  I feel very connected to mother earth and It has been such a long time since I have taken a walk through her soft grasses and could feel the summery wind brush against my face.  I long for summer's warm embrace and the rebirth of all things that I love.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

I am having one of those Monday mornings; I can't even explain why but it is what  it is.
 I decided to fix it by finding and listening to the Mamas and Papas song Monday, Monday:

Alas it will be Monday for another 24 hours so I must make the best of it.  Thank you to my wonderful friends at ETSY for brightening it up a little and featuring me in a very soft and beautiful treasury.

The softness and pastels heals my heart. I love this postcard I think that is one of my prettiest in the collection.

So with Sincere Good Wishes I hope your Monday is soft and pretty.  Because... Monday, Monday, you can't trust that day...won't go away...

I think I am going to go purchase a Mama's and Papa's album now. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Super Way to Celebrate the First Day of Spring - Product Review

During this week I received in the mail three very uplifting items in the mail and since Spring has not made it to me yet it was very much needed.  Nothing heals the soul wounded by the winter blahs like awesome lip-gloss and homemade Neapolitan marshmallows.  These were just what the doctor (or maybe psychologist) ordered.  My first kudos goes to Anderson Soap Company where I purchased my wonderful lip-gloss.  I received Butter Rum for myself and Wintergreen for my husband who has reported that he is equally impressed.

These were creamy yet long lasting with a wonderful scent.  They can be purchased by going to their ETSY shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/dennisanderson?ref=seller_info

The other uplifting treat I received this week was a very tasty and sweetly packaged marshmallow from The Realist Mermaid Natural Confections.  I had purchased her sample called "Ugly Feedback Almost Free Mallows."  Based on that description I was expecting just a simple sample but received a wonderfully packaged large Neapolitan delight.  I was so pleasantly surprised I took a picture of it to share with you.

The Mermaid's site can be found on ETSY at http://www.etsy.com/shop/realistmermaid?ref=seller_info

I suggest placing your orders early for Easter.   Just imagine the response you will receive from kids and adults alike when they see these smartly packaged treats in their Easter baskets. 


While my kids were growing up I would purchase their Easter candies from local specialty candy shops so that they wouldn't wonder why the Easter Bunny was so cheap or how come they never noticed him shopping at Wal-Mart to get M&Ms.  I love that with technology we can easily create the fantasy and keep those traditions alive.

Hoppy shopping.

Sunday Treasuries Created by Butterfly In The Attic

When I created this fun summery treasury I was wearing my PostcardInTheAttic hat.
Come have a picnic with me...

A Vintage German Anatomy and Physiology Postcard Leads To More

What a fun Sunday... I discovered a postcard from my store PostcardsInTheAttic featured in one of the most unique treasuries I have seen.  I tend to lean towards creating treasuries based on what I find pretty.   But what many of my readers probably do not know about me is that my background is in science.  Also, I had tutored Anatomy and Physiology for my entire college career making that particular subject very near and dear to my heart.  So imagine how tickled I was to see a treasury devoted to just that subject.  I am so captivated by this treasury that I am giving it a posting all to itself.  Thank you AgeBeforeBeauty (the curator) for giving me that little I burst of inspiration I needed this morning.

AgeBeforeBeauty sells the most wonderful "Heirloom Jewelry made from Vintage Heirlooms." 

This is an example of one piece she is featuring.  Love it!!

So back to my featured items in her wonderful treasury.

This is a vintage German postcard
"Rembrant Die Anatomische Lehrstunde"
English translation - The Anatomic Lesson

The treasury is called Anatomically Speaking

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Treasury - Supplies for the Artist

Every artist has a need for supplies, so I decided to create a treasury featuring supplies from beachcombing.  Again I am trying to capture the spring and summer and bring it to me.  These lovely items would be wonderful for the jewelry maker and many other crafters.  Please note the beautiful and whimsical picture of the little beachcomber.  I hope you have a sunny day.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Treasuries

Well, my computer was down for a little bit.  I seem to never realize how important this tool is until I don't have it.  I am so blessed to have it back.  I am limited on time today so we will dedicate this wonderful Friday to ETSY Treasuries.  I would like to share with you some of the wonderful little shops that are located on ETSY.  Please visit them, even if it is just to window shop.  Many are so pretty they are bound to brighten anyone's day.  I know they do mine.

Winter makes me feel a bit OWLY!

Chartreuse and Cherries

The Frog Prince...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Peppermint

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Many images come to mind for this special day:  Shamrocks, Pots of gold, Leprechauns, and Peppermint.  (Good lead in, yah?)
Taking long car rides to new undiscovered places is such fun...for most people.  Unfortunately for a few or maybe many it is not fun.  Car sickness has not been one of my experiences although there have been times that I felt queasy due to an illness while riding in the car.  For those that have experienced that there may be a simple holistic means of reducing that sickening feeling. 

It has been found that Peppermint will often help with car sickness.  I personally use it for when I am not feeling well and have nausea.  Simply having that wonderful minty freshness in the air around you can reduce the sick sensation. 

Peppermint has other wonderful properties:  it can also ease headaches, help open up that stuffy feeling when you have a cold or sinus problem, sooth muscular pain when you use it as a rub, and it has mood altering affects.
Needless to say I am a strong advocate of aromatherapy.  Peppermint is extremely powerful for my moods.  If I am tired or in a slump as soon as I open a jar of my sachet and that wonderful aroma meets me I become more alert right away.  Peppermint has a reviving and mood boosting property along with helping to calm nerves.  Alert and Calm!!  Many of us would love that.
Just like in any aromatherapy caution must be used.  Pay attention to signs of allergies to specific smells and herbs, respect others that do have allergies because it can be very detrimental to their health, and never directly smell essential oils from the bottle (it can burn the mucous membrane) or use it directly on your skin (a variety of reactions can occur.)  Essential oils are very concentrated and can cause many negative affects if used "neat" or straight from the bottle.  Most all of them need to be mixed into a sachet, potpourri, bath product, or message oil. 
One simple method of using peppermint oil in your car to ward off car sickness is to place a few drops on a cotton ball and set that cotton ball on your dash board or some other location that will allow it to fill the air with its minty freshness.  I sell a wonderful sachet mix that could easily be put into a pretty cloth bag or a simple muslin bag and used in the car or anywhere.  I use it to freshen my house after someone has had a bug or if I am tired.

I created this treasury for the love of mint.  Have a wonderful Alert and Calm Day

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Treasuries

Winter seems to be fighting to keep it's steely grey hold on this little town in the California mountains.  To bring some color back into my life I created my treasury:
Colors of Cotton Candy

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed looking at all the pretty pastels.

I have been honored by some of my fellow Estians who have included my store items in their treauries.  The following featured items are from my store ButterflyInTheAttic.  It takes time to create these wonderful treasuries and I really appreciate that they have included me.  Please check on the wide varity of little shops these treasuries represent and of course the curators themselves.  Thank you.

Farm Life by GiftedSparrow on ETSY
Featuring my Vintage Currier and Ives Litho

Fly Away Home by InspiredMama75 on ETSY
Featuring my Vintage Postcard with Swallows

Vertically Challenged by HighStreetVintage on Etsy
Featuring my Vintage Postcard of a Ferris Wheel

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ETSY Treasury Tuesday Featuring Butterfly In The Attic

I have been honored by some of my fellow Estians who have included my store items in their treauries. The following feature items from two out of three of my stores: Butterfly In The Attic, Postcards In The Attic and The Butterfly's Buttons. A big thank you to those creative people who took the time to put together these beautiful Treasuries. Please check on the wide varity of little shops these treasuries represent and of course the curators themselves. Thank you.

Features my Vintage Kitchen Wall Hangings

Features several of my sweet little mice

Features a postcard from ButterflyInTheAttic and one from PostcardsInTheAttic

Features my beautiful very large Brass English Fowler Deer and my Mexican Pottery Cat

Featuring my beautiful antique novelty postarcard from PostcardsInTheAttic


My handmade Sunny Lemon Sachet

ESTY Tuesday Treasury Fun

I must have spring fever...all I can think about is bunnies, Easter eggs, jelly beans and peeps.  I hope you enjoy todays ETSY treasuries and visit my fellow Estian's shops.  They are truly wonderful and so much fun.

All I want is Jelly Beans

Eggs...I will take them in a nest or out of the nest

Easter Joys

Monday, March 14, 2011

A German Mill in Baden Baden

One of my first cards that I received from my Grandparents was a novelty card.  It was a beautiful card from Baden-Baden, Germany with an old mill and water wheel on the front of it.  The scene was so pretty and peaceful but the words where all in German.  My Grandfather was born and raised in Baden-Baden until he was 8 years old.  Both he and my grandmother were fluent in German and at one time I had knowledge of what was written on the card.  I have since used Google Translate but since it is an old version of the language something was literally lost in translation.  But alas it is about a mill and how much the author loved that mill.  

What made this card so special, aside from my Grandparents giving it to me, was that when you opened the little flap a row of pictures unfolded.  These tiny little pictures were real photographs taken in Baden-Baden.  I can remember them telling me the stories about Germany and pointing out different sites on the card.  I am not sure how many times I brought them that card so they could repeat those stories.  Still to this day I want to visit there and walk the same streets my grandfather did when he was a child.

The card is a very delicate and the pictures can easily tear but somehow it has survived all these years in near mint condition.  More than likely its condition can be contributed to my grandparents taking the time to teach me on how to care for it and my love for them.  Sadly my beautiful Grandmother has passed away years ago and my Grandfather doesn't remember things as well as he used to.  And so this card will remain in my private collection to be passed down to my grandchildren.  I will tell them those same stories that their Great Great Grandparents told me and how my Grandpa lived in Baden-Baden Germany as a boy.

A Monday ETSY Treasury for Nostalgia

Postcards have been a big part of my life.  The personal collection I have holds many memories for me.  Not just memories about the antiquity of the postcards themselves but about the people who gave them to me.  I was blessed with Grandparents and family that took the time to teach me about them and tell stories about the places and people in those images.   To share some of the wonderful postcards I have found from other Estian's stores and possibly start new memories for someone else, I created my Monday Treasury.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time For Hand Giveaways Sunday Vote

Good Morning Friends and Followers.  It is Sunday and that means that there is another opportunity for me to win on Hand Giveaways.  I will receive 1 months worth of free advertising if I come in first place, so your votes are very important to me.  The item I am featuring today is a set of handmade sachet mix along with an old fashioned chicken pomander.   My handmade sachets are a very high quality and I am very proud of them.  I am #2 and featured under ButterflyInTheAttic.  Please take the time to vote today it is greatly appreciated. 
To vote go to:


My sachet and pomander